Language Courses & Presentation Trainings


He who wants to learn a language, must begin speaking.

                                                                                     (Renée Müller-Naendrup)

Reach your goal with a clear and structured course!

Get a grip of grammar with clear and simple explanations


1. German as a Foreign Language (DAF) and English 

      "Daily Language" or "German for Business"



2. telc Test Preparation Courses for German


a.  You are looking of a new job and need a certificate?
b.  You are seeking for a higher position and require a better command of German?

c.  You are looking for a job in Germany and the certificate you did in your home 

     country  is not accepted? 


As a licensed telc examiner & rater I am going to lead you through all four parts of the test. 



3.  Presentation Training in German, English or Spanish


You need to hold a presentation in a foreign language and do not feel very comfortable? You would like to obtain a genuine feedback and to be shown ways of how to improve your presentation? 

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