He who wants to learn a language, must begin speaking.

                                                                                     (Renée Müller-Naendrup)

General Questions

I would like to prepare for the official German telc test


What do I need to know?


First of all you need to know whether you would like to join a group or have a face-to-face training. Both have advantages and disadvantages:


                                                                          GROUP                     FACE-TO-FACE


more interactive                                                 






What do you need to know about group courses?


Preparing for an official test requires roundabout 500 hours over 60 minutes.


With me you book 80-units blocks. Each unit has 45 minutes.


Group courses (8 participants max.):


Classes will take place with at least 4 participants.


Each class comprise 90-minutes (2 units) and take place twice a week after working hours.




One-to-one trainings comprise 50 units á 45 minutes, due to the intensity of the courses. All courses can be booked as 90-minute courses, half-day or intensive courses.



Do I pass the test after having done the course?

If you have taken this course seriously, done all the homework, learned what we have elaborated during our courses etc. you will have a very good chance of passing the exam. 


If you just come to the course without doing any additional work at home, never presenting any homework, not trying to apply what you have learnt in your daily routine, then you might, or might not, pass the exam. 



From B1 to B2

The transition from B1 to B2 takes a lot of time, includes a lot of grammar and is mostly being highly underestimated. A colleague of mine compared the development from A2 to B2 with the development of a child and said the following:


In A2 you just begin to crawl

In B1 you are taking your first step

In B2 you can already walk over a considerable length


Should  you wish to go for B2 and already  have a  B1 certificate, keep in mind that you will at least require 500 hours



My employer would like me to go for a B2 Certificate, but is of the opinion that 500 hours are highly exaggerated.

Unfortunately, not! 500 hours are an absolute minimum! 


Most employers do not have any idea, what the transition from B1 to  B2 is about.


I quite often, hand out just one segment of the B2 test to those responsible for the trainings within the companies, telling them to give it a try over the weekend.

Almost all of them come back to me, telling me, they have had no idea how complex and difficult this level is and how much knowledge is needed to pass the exam. Only then did they understand that 500 hours is really not very much. 



Why do I not get an online test to check my level?


Because, I am personally no friend of these online tests.


In the past 20 years I have worked for different language schools and all of them sent out online tests. The result was that 90% of my customers did not meet the level the online test came up with. 


Why is this the case?

In an online test you have much more time to think - when speaking you don´t. This is one of the reasons why the results of online tests mostly do not reflect the genuine level. 

Another reason is "cheating" and looking for "help" on the internet. Customers here tend to forget that they are not cheating on me, but on themselves.  



How do I proceed to find out the level?

My assessments consist of two parts:

a) a questionnaire

b) online meeting of roundabout 30 minutes.


You will be sent a questionnaire before our online meeting. 

This is to be filled in by hand (legibly) and to be sent back lastest two days before our online meeting.

Please do not consult any translator, because it is important to see how you write and where you need my support. 


What will we do in the online meeting?

Just chitchatting. This way I hear how you speak and, hence being  able to access you more easily.



What is better? A training in a group or an one-to-one training?

It depends on what you want:


Would you like to interact with other participants?                 group training

Would you like to finish quickly?                                                 one-to-one training

Would you like to exchange information?                                 group training

Would you like to begin immediately?                                       one-to-one training

Is it important to you to be supported intensively?                 one-to-one training

Would you like to learn with and from other participants?    group training



What are your prices?

Prices are different and depend on whether you are interested in an online or a face-to-face training, a group training or an one-to-one training.


Should you not find an answer to your question, please send me an email:  



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