Telc Test Preparation Courses


 He who wants to learn a language, must begin speaking.

                                                                                     (Renée Müller-Naendrup)

Telc Test Preparation Courses for German

telc-language tests are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (German GER) and, therefore, recognized on an international level.  


Each test contains four parts: listening, understanding, writing and speaking. 


As a licenced telc xaminer and rater I am going to prepare you for all four parts of the test you may choose: 

  • German A2         - Daily Language
  • Deutsch B1         - Daily Language
  • Deutsch B1         - Business
  • Deutsch B2         - Daily Language
  • Deutsch B2         - Business 
  • Deutsch B1/B2   - Business


Just to give you an idea: Do you wish to jump from a B1 Level to a B2 Level, you would require 200 hours for German "Daily Language" and 400 hours for German Business.


Warum so viele Stunden?

Es werden vier Bereiche geprüft (Hören, Schreiben, Grammatik und Sprechen) und damit Sie in diesen vier Bereichen auch sehr gut abschneiden, müssen alle diese Bereiche intensiv geübt werden. Dieses ist nicht mehr ein einfacher Deutschkurs! Dieses ist ein Deutschkurs, der über Ihre Karriere entscheiden kann. 


Why so many hours?

There are four parts that are being tested (listening, writing, grammar and speaking). In order to be very fit in these four areas we require a lot of practice. This is not anymore a mere language training, but a training, which might be decisive for your career.


90 minute courses are online courses, taking place twice a week.


Online training       :  face-to-face, group course 

Classroom training: only half-a-day or intensiv trainings


Can also be booked as:


half-a-day training :  9am - 12am      or     1pm - 4pm (4 units)

intensiv training      9am - 12am    and    3pm - 6pm (8 units)



Exclusively for my courses!

Clarity and Structure with "TrintCo GrammatikThemen"!


On the first day of your course you will obtain my book "TrintCo GrammatikThemen", in which all relevant grammar topics are clearly explained in a simple way.  

All topics in one book! No searching in the internet!


Numerous exercises are in "TrintCo Grammatikübungen" , which is part of the course, but not included in my offer. 



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