Intercultural Team Trainings


Intercultural Team-Trainings


Why have intercultural TeamTrainings become so important?



Over the last 15 years intercultural diversity within companies has strongly increased and the German widespread sentence: "We here are in Germany and foreigners need to adjust!" should have long become part of the past.



With this multitude of languages and cultures, new ways of thinking and new perspectives have found their way into companies. In former times team members all moved into one direction - because their way of thinking was similar, due to the fact that, within the company, mainly one culture - their own German culture - predominated.  We, nowadays, have different cultures and, hence, different possible approaches. But this makes the interaction within intercultural team more difficult. Open-minded teams get this unique opportunity to learn from each other and to approach things from different angles. Interculturality enriches teams! 


Diesen Zustand erreichen aber Teams oft nicht alleine,  denn ihnen ist nicht bewusst, welche Fehler sie machen, denn sie sind ja direkt involviert. Und diese Fehler werden sich wiederholen, denn die eigene Kultur spielt hier eine große Rolle.

This satisfying and worshipping atmosphere within intercultural teams can often not be reached, without the support from the outside.  Team members  may repeatedly make the same mistakes by taking decisions, which are based on their intercultural background. 




Only a satisfied and appreciative intercultural team si going to perform well! Nur ein zufriedenes und wertschätzendes interkulturelles Team erbringt Leistung!